For security and safety

Protect without compromises

At Tensor Energy, security and safety are central to our organization as a whole and are relentlessly prioritized during product development.

Secure by default

No more sleepless nights

Our customers trust us with a significant amount of data, and we do not take this responsibility lightly. To earn your trust, we handle your data with the utmost care and integrity. This includes comprehensive internal security measures and innovative product security.

Data encryption

Your data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit, and we protect secrets and other sensitive data with industry-leading secrets management tools.

Best-practice product design

We conduct thorough security-design reviews, threat modeling, and real-time security monitoring of our products. The source code of all our products goes through multiple stages of vulnerability scans before reaching production.

Time-bound access

We systematically limit internal access to critical tools and resources using time-based access. All employees are required to use multi-factor authentication using hardware-based access keys. We do not use static software keys, and our developers are only able to access our cloud systems through our federated identity provider.

Strong authentication

Protection without the hassle

User authentication is hard to get right. Tensor Cloud is designed to provide reliable security while not bogging you down during daily operations.

Password guidance

When choosing a password, we provide interactive visual guidance to help users pick strong passwords that have not been exposed in security breaches on other websites.

Secure external access

When you share data with external users, Tensor Cloud will verify their identity through so-called magic links. Magic links are a form of identity verification that is bound to an email address, more secure than passwords, and more convenient than other multi-factor authentication methods such as hardware tokens. Tensor Cloud does not support SMS-based authentication, which is vulnerable to SIM swapping attacks.

Access control

Separate your workspace administrators from regular users to prevent accidental deletions, restrict new user invitations, and limit access to other administrative settings.

Japan data residency

Compliant and resilient

Tensor Cloud leverages the scalability and security of AWS, our infrastructure partner. This allows us to keep all customer data within data centers located in either Tokyo or Osaka. For you this means that you can be sure there is no unlawful access to your proprietary and sensitive financial or technical data stored on Tensor Cloud.

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