For Development Teams

Digitize your portfolio

Tensor Cloud allows even the most busy teams to manage any number of renewable assets through all stages of the development process. Standardize your financial models, design profitable PPAs and re-use scenarios across your entire portfolio.

Instant financial modeling

Standardize and accelerate

Financial modeling at scale doesn’t have to be hard. Break free from managing complex Excel spreadsheets, avoid version control issues, and evaluate assets in under 1 minute.

Standardized methodology

Financial models on Tensor Cloud are repeatable, standardized, and are using the same robust and well-documented methodology. This makes it easy to compare greenfield to brownfield projects and creates trust with investors and partners.

30-minute resolution

Upgrade your financial model precision beyond anything a spreadsheet can do. All results are calculated at 30-minute resolution over up to 50 years of asset lifetime. Tensor Cloud handles millions of data points for each asset with ease.

Rapid results

Updating even hundreds of assets with new assumptions on Tensor Cloud will usually get you results in under 1 minute as our computation engine uses industry-leading parallelization and scalability.

PPA design

Maximize portfolio returns

On Tensor Cloud you can rapidly iterate through different PPA contract structures and see how they impact your portfolio. Walk into every negotiation prepared, knowing key value drivers and how they impact asset profitability.

Contract modeling

When designing PPAs, striking the right balance between taking risk and making profits can be challenging. Tensor Cloud reduces uncertainty and allows you to effortlessly explore how different strike prices, pricing schemes, and settlement markets will affect the outcomes of your deal.

PPA view

Access all essential information for every PPA in one place: Pricing, settlement terms, contracted volumes and an easy to understand map of all included assets make it easier to manage even large contract portfolios.


Be ready for anything

Tensor Cloud is packed with technology that makes it effortless to model convincing futures. When building your long-term assumptions, you only need to enter yearly averages, and our AI-powered simulation engine will take care of building realistic forward curves for prices, weather, and grid events, all at 30-minute resolution.

Reusable assumptions

No more rummaging through old Excel files. Easily build up your library of assumptions about key value drivers like future electricity prices, market volatility, curtailment and inflation rates, and re-use them across your asset portfolio.

Third-party data

Tensor Cloud comes with a library of built-in assumptions curated by our markets and regulation team to make your life easier. Looking for those assumptions built by public institutions, committee under METI, TSO and OCCTO about curtailment in each grid area? Or perhaps most recent Cabinet Office inflation rate projections? We’ve got you covered!

Investor reports

Deep insights in minutes

Creating financial reports with a few clicks even for hundreds of assets is easy on Tensor Cloud and takes mere minutes.

Comprehensive insights

From financial and technical key performance indicators to revenue, cost and profit breakdowns, financial reports on Tensor Cloud leave no open questions.

Filtering and scenario comparisons

Slice through PPAs and assets in your reports for more insights about performance under different market and macroeconomic scenarios.

One-click sharing

Secure, reliable, and scalable

Tensor Cloud makes it easy to share reports with your partners and investors. Just open the sharing panel, paste email addresses of your recipients, and click send.

Secure sharing, no account needed

Stay in control of who gets access to critical investor reports by sharing them directly from the Tensor Cloud UI, even if the recipient has no Tensor Cloud account. We send reports using magic links, that verify the recipient’s identity securely through their email address. This prevents unauthorized report forwarding and keeps your confidential information safe.

Full access control

Set expiration dates for shares and revoke access for individuals or for everyone to ensure compliance and prevent data leaks.

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