For operation and balancing teams

Automate and optimize

Your central hub for total asset operation. Tensor Cloud keeps even the most busy operation teams productive by relentlessly automating and augmenting critical operational tasks.

AI generation forecasts

Accuracy and control

Tensor Cloud uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to forecast electricity generation. No onboarding needed: You simply register your assets on our platform and upload any historical generation data. Forecasts will start the next day.

AI-powered forecasts

Get access to industry-leading forecast accuracy without breaking the bank. Tensor Cloud was built for highly distributed asset portfolios and updates your generation forecasts from days in advance to right before gate closure, up to every 30 minutes. AI models are individualized for each asset for distinguished forecasting performance.

Performance metrics

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Our forecast performance dashboard gives you deep insights into how well our AI models work across your portfolio. This creates accountability and transparency for investors and asset managers.

Balancing group management

Keep track of your balancing groups: Who is in charge? What was the imbalance amount for last month? How well are you leveraging portfolio effects? Tensor Cloud answers the most critical questions.


All boxes checked

Daily asset operation doesn’t have to be a stressful grind. Leverage the power of AI and automation at scale while staying in full control. Tensor Cloud allows you to move seamlessly from augmented to fully automated asset operation.

Generate OCCTO-compliant XML files

Generating an accurate generation forecast is only the first step. Automate OCCTO submissions, and act on near-real-time forecasts to reduce imbalance costs on the intraday market.

Auto adjustments

Reduce negative imbalance risk by manually or automatically adjusting forecasts before submitting them. Tensor Cloud’s probabilistic forecast technology optimizes any adjustments you make.

AI price forecasts

Look into the future

Like your personal crystal ball, Tensor Cloud leverages cutting-edge AI and our rich energy data layer to forecast prices across multiple markets, including JEPX spot, for all utility grid zones up to 7 days ahead.

Multi-market optimization

Accurate price forecasts form the basis of Tensor Cloud’s emerging capabilities in stand-alone and co-located battery storage optimization which will be rolled out soon.

Live assets

Always connected

Tensor Cloud’s powerful data layer ingests raw asset data from dozens of sources like monitoring systems, electricity meters and sensors into one comprehensive view of your portfolio.

Automated ingestion

Our constantly growing portfolio of integrations with asset monitoring solutions, TSO web systems, and sensor APIs makes sure that Tensor Cloud is connected to your portfolio in real time.

Historical data uploads

Uploading historical data is as easy as dragging your XML or CSV files into the Tensor Cloud UI. We take care of any heavy lifting when it comes to parsing, cleaning and making the data available for training individualized AI models.

Market and grid data

Like clockwork

On Tensor Cloud you get a unified single view into electricity markets and the grid. Market prices and volumes, as well as critical grid data is accessible with just a few clicks and updated in real time. No more manual downloads or missed updates.

Real-time feeds

Access the latest market data from JEPX and grid data from TSOs and OCCTO in one unified interface. All updated in real-time as new data comes in.

Historical data

Power your data analytics with historical market and grid data back to 2016, directly accessible from the Tensor Cloud UI.

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