Picture this. A world with no limits to growth for renewable energy.

Tensor Energy was born in Japan in 2021, with the idea that our zero-carbon distributed renewable energy future will need an operating system.

By building this operating system, we are accelerating the deployment of solar, wind and battery storage globally, and setting a new standard for long-term management of renewable energy assets.

Our story in numbers.

Tensor Energy was founded
Funding raised
19 MW
Under management

Our people

Portrait photo of Nana Hori
Nana Hori
Operations & Relationships
Experienced energy professional and entrepreneur. Nana has worked in senior leadership positions across the renewables industry for more than 13 years.
Portrait photo of Vincent Filter
Vincent Filter
Product & Technology
As a former strategy consultant and technologist with a passion for decarbonization, Vincent has been driving digitization in energy for all of his career.
Portrait photo of Miguel Acevedo
Miguel Acevedo
Infrastructure & IoT
Miguel, our cloud lead, is a 20-year veteran in software engineering, IoT, infrastructure management, and serverless cloud architecture.
Portrait photo of Cyprien Borée
Cyprien Borée
Cyprien creates and maintains highly efficient backend systems at Tensor. He excels in code optimization and has interest in algorithms and combinatorial optimization.
Portrait photo of Riccardo Iacobucci
Riccardo Iacobucci
Energy & Data Science
Riccardo, our principal energy and data scientist, leads simulation and machine learning at Tensor. He has a PhD from Kyoto University and extensive renewable energy research experience.
Portrait photo of Tetsuo Nishino
Tetsuo Nishino
Business Development
Tetsu leads business development at Tensor and excels in building electricity retail businesses from scratch. His experience in energy regulation and PPAs, and a background at Oracle, are invaluable.
Portrait photo of Ibtihel Ouni
Ibtihel Ouni
Data Science & MLOps
Formerly at Google, Ibti now leads MLOps at Tensor as an AI engineer and diversity advocate. She creates impactful solutions, empowers underrepresented groups, and supports AI adoption.
Portrait photo of Beatriz Rebello
Beatriz Rebello
Product & UX
Beatriz, joining us from Rakuten, leads UX and product at Tensor. Skilled in user research, testing, data analysis, and wireframing, she translates our product vision into reality.
Portrait photo of Dominik Sasko
Dominik Sasko
Frontend & QA
Formerly at Siemens, Dominik not only pushes the envelope on frontend development at Tensor, but is also the driving force behind ensuring our excellent product quality and reliability.
Portrait photo of Te’Andre Smith
Te’Andre Smith
Interoperability & Backend
With years of experience developing mission-critical systems at the US Air Force, Te’Andre leads backend and interoperability engineering at Tensor.
Portrait photo of Beniamino Tartarini
Beniamino Tartarini
Frontend Lead
Having a passion for user-centric software engineering, our lead frontend developer Beniamino is a true Typescript master with an exceptional eye for detail and dedication to crafting high-quality and intuitive user experiences.

Our supporters

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Company information

Company name
Tensor Energy Inc.
Address and phone
Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi
Chuo-ku, Daimyo 2-6-11
810-0041 Japan
+81 80-4292-7385
Legal representatives
Nana Hori
Vincent Filter
November 2021